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Who Are We?

The Valley Motorsports Association is a group of grassroots individuals who have joined together for the advancement of safe, fun, and competitive motorsports in Southern Manitoba. The group is formally organized as a Not-For-Profit Corporation. We currently operate the Dead Horse Creek Speedway located west of Morden, Manitoba.

Our Mission

Rallying community people who share common interests to work together and use their talents, skills, and resources for a common purpose

Organizing events that bring people together for safe, competitive mutual enjoyment

Using our organization and our events to raise funds for important local causes and charities

Why Join The
Valley Motorsports Association?

When the engines roar your heart pounds a little deeper.

It's just who you are. The smell, the sound, the vibrations.

It’s part of your DNA.
Being a member of this organization gives you the opportunity to participate in what we do to advance motorsports. It gives you a front row seat to everything we do and allows you opportunity to support our activities, provide feedback, and guide what we do. This organization is us together.

Being a member has it’s privileges they say. We’ve created several levels of membership that will bring value to our members. If you want to be more involved and have more say in what we do, the Organizational Member is for you. Not interested in participating beyond watching races, but still want to support us? Become a Community Member. We have a special category for our Competitor Members who will be able to be involved as well as have reserved pit stalls for the season. Our Business Members will not only receive season passes but get recognition for their support as well.

What Are The Advantages of Joining?

Why Are We Doing This?

Well first of all we love anything racing. But it’s bigger than that - we believe that strong communities are important, and that by rallying around our favorite sport we can leverage our community to help others. Right now we are supporting the Boundary Trails Hospital Foundation and the Candlelighter’s Childhood Cancer Support Group.

That’s up to you! We would value any support you can bring - volunteer at our events, bring sponsors or donations, help with facilities and grounds maintenance, help promote our cause, or just sit back and enjoy knowing you are showing your support. It’s up to you!

What's My Responsibility As A Member?
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